Friday, March 21, 2008

Why BLOG??

I walked onto the job today and Bob the builder….see the post from March 19…asked me why did I set up this BLOG? Great question….and here is a short answer.

I truly enjoy what I do professionally for and with my clients. I’ve always been attracted to collaborative experiences and a BLOG is a way to express this passion to a broader audience and a way to involve the entire team in the experience as seen thru my eyes. So…sharing and connecting is somewhere on the map….be that real or imagined. (OK, I use Goggle analytics and I have a real solid idea how many folks are looking each day).

There is a marketing component to all of this. I have about as much work as I can handle at the moment, but who knows what intriguing project is lurking around out there. By reading this BLOG, you can begin to get a sense of the attention and scope of services.

I have imagined that this BLOG might inspire a bit higher level of performance. How’s that??…..well, with 50-60 people checking in every day, the word will get around if you are doing great work as I will make every attempt to spread the good word when it reveals itself to me. Work harder and smarter everyone!

Anyway…….that’s a start on WHY BLOG.

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