Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Better West Virginia Challenge

A Better West Virginia

Jason Keeling recently invited people to comment on ‘A Better West Virginia Challenge’
The basic premise:
Identify an obstacle that hinders West Virginia and discuss its solution.
Address the above request as it relates to one (or more) of the following:
Business / Economy
Health / Wellness

I offer a comment on Education.

The process of education begins at home and I suggest it begins by creating an example of life long learning. So…..a parent might make the choice to read a book and turn off the television…as an example. Read out loud to your young child. Have dinner together as a family and discuss current local/national/international events. Learn something yourself and share that with your child. Champion learning as an exciting adventure.

So…..if Change is the buzz word for 2009….let’s change this paradigm…your child’s education is primarily your responsibility. I think it is a mistake to point your finger at the child’s teachers and/or the legislature for not providing better funding for teachers. Sure….it takes a community to raise and educate a child....but this process fundamentally begins at home and is led by example.

Imagine if West Virginia was known as the birth place of the best and brightest. I like that vision. What do you think?