Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Final Quote Submitted...Good news!

I listen to various financial news networks from time to time and they visit about the risk of inflation. A bit of perspective from the trenches, so to speak. Building material pricing is going through the roof!

Thankfully, Pray Construction and I have been working very closely to manage the budget for the tenant interior buildout and today PCC presented their final guaranteed maximum price…..and through a lot of hard work and cooperation from GBBN they pulled out about $200,000 from the last budget all while dealing with rising costs from virtually all commodities. We’re back in budget

Whew…..good job all!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Draft....

OK.....going off topic a bit, check out my friend's BLOG If you are a football fan, you'll be happy you did!

Friday, April 25, 2008

One of the nuances of this project involves the interface with our neighbors, in this case Embros Realty (Spiro Parking). Renovations to the north wall include the installation of new windows, pointing and repairing of the existing wall, as well as painting the entire surface.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update....Wednesday..April 23

One of the issues with Blogging is the issue with time….time to create/edit/reflect. More of a challenge I suppose when you have a streak that leans towards perfectionism.

So…what’s happening at 209 you ask? Our permanent debt team member was added (BB&T)….we have discovered several sections of floor that need to be replaced and are being replaced….the steel lintels for the north wall are currently being installed…the elevator is about to penetrate the third floor…..the final Bailey and Glasser interior design is about done….pricing for same due for the second or third round soon…..figuring out a marketing and sales strategy for the third floor of this building as well as 227 Capitol (B&G’s current location…arguably the coolest building on Capitol Street), Other then that…got my heels kicked up!

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Over the years, and in particular most recently, I have become aware of a tendency of architects to ascribe the ability for an inanimate object to think, and further to express those thoughts/feelings.

As an example, an architect could easily say something like “The conference room wants to have superior sound isolation from adjoining rooms.” Or “The lobby wants granite flooring”.

Now….I’m thinking I’m about to give up a big trade secret, but try this one on for size the next time your are visiting with your design professional.

Contractor to architect…. “The carpet wants to be installed one month from Friday, so please be sure and approve our submittal by a week from this Friday.” (The key here is to give some life to the carpet itself).

Owner to architect…. “The proforma wants you to complete the design within the amount specified in the development budget”. (More of the same…the proforma thinks and feels).

So…..the building itself “wants” things…..rooms have “wants”…products have “wants” etc.

So…try that out on your next project.

Homeowner to architect. “I really appreciate your design and have thought a lot about it. I believe the design wants to be concluded by October 1 and for less than $_______(fill in the blank).

Let me know if this helps and how it is received by private e-mail.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A new floor....and more demo!!

The above photograph illustrates (at the top of the frame), the new floor joists at the third floor. In the lower part of the frame, the staircase has been removed as well as the defective flooring. A new floor system similar to the one you are viewing will be installed between floors 1 and 2.

Last Friday, Bob Settle’s father (Kenneth “Skee” Settle) suddenly passed away. Laura and I paid our respects Tuesday evening along with at least 1,000 other family, friends, and community members. Clearly Skee touched many people in a very positive way thru his life. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bob and his family.