Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Over the years, and in particular most recently, I have become aware of a tendency of architects to ascribe the ability for an inanimate object to think, and further to express those thoughts/feelings.

As an example, an architect could easily say something like “The conference room wants to have superior sound isolation from adjoining rooms.” Or “The lobby wants granite flooring”.

Now….I’m thinking I’m about to give up a big trade secret, but try this one on for size the next time your are visiting with your design professional.

Contractor to architect…. “The carpet wants to be installed one month from Friday, so please be sure and approve our submittal by a week from this Friday.” (The key here is to give some life to the carpet itself).

Owner to architect…. “The proforma wants you to complete the design within the amount specified in the development budget”. (More of the same…the proforma thinks and feels).

So…..the building itself “wants” things…..rooms have “wants”…products have “wants” etc.

So…try that out on your next project.

Homeowner to architect. “I really appreciate your design and have thought a lot about it. I believe the design wants to be concluded by October 1 and for less than $_______(fill in the blank).

Let me know if this helps and how it is received by private e-mail.

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rebecca said...

Heehee! Artists and designers speak the same language as architects. "I think this painting wants to be more red than pink," or "That bee really wants me to photograph it."

Creatives are weird. :)

(I got here from Oncee's blog.)