Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Man.......I've forgotten the difference between residential work and commercial. If you're talking about about any type of high end work (and this does not necessarily mean expensive material but it likely does), there are TONS of details to attend to. Now...there's the mundane stuff which is simply about in material. We've been short on beaded ceiling and then the yellow pine flooring was late in arriving. We had a few lights that came from New Zealand....then there is the engineered pine flooring....and the pine flooring adhesive....the concrete stain...paint...and more paint...doors...hardware....speaker wire....recycled material....layout...layout...layout....tile work...refinished mantle....and then there is T2 ( had to be there)....concrete...gravel...clean the stone.....this is all a partial list....I'm not kidding.'s getting done and the RC team has done a great job. It's so helpful that they do so much work with their own forces. We'll be substantially complete in about a week.

Hard to find the time to BLOG with all this going on.



Friday, May 15, 2009

Progress Photos

Shots from last Wednesday......Exterior flue for the relocated 20 year old Vermont Castings stove which now is in my home office/exercise area. This work was performed and completed yesterday by Brandon Smith and he did a very good job.

Above is a photo of Jeff Winters the carpenter installing insulation in our renovated ceiling plane. Notice new lighting. This work will begin to be covered on Monday with a stained bead board, which is a traditional building product often seen on porch ceilings.
And finally, the other side of the sliding door. We have an electrician (Brian who works for Tim Cunningham) , sheetmetal worker from Rock Branch Mechanical, and a finish carpenter (Cliff from RC Construction) pushing hard. By today's end, virtually all of the drywall hanging will be complete.