Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting Ready for Moving Pool Equipment

The photo on the bottom illustrates a storage bin in our driveway/parking area. The photo on the top is where all this "stuff" came from (an area underneath our back porch and adjacent to one area that is about to be renovated). It is also the new home of the pool equipment, which is currently located in the lower level of our house.
Pool Equipment consists of a pump which is needed to circulate the water through a filter and strain out the small particulates. We use a sand filter. Along the way, the water is ionized which allows us to utilize a very small amount of chlorine. So...filtering and sanitizing is the function that is being relocated. Placing the equipment outside means we will have to be a bit more mindful in the winter...as this equipment will all need to be drained down and not allowed to freeze, but we gain a ton of inside conditioned space.
The schedule anticipates relocating the pool equipment beginning in a couple of weeks. This is a task that will likely take a couple of days for the plumber.
By the way...Dave and Laura did all the moving of the stuff...so we had a good workout today too!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Great off topic trivia from Joe Friel's BLOG

This really has zero to do with the subject of this BLOG, but I thought the "coming into form" comment might be of interest to one reader or two!

From Friel's BLOG

4. Fitness and fatigue trend similarly. You may not have thought about this before, but it is important to understand. There is a strong link between fitness and fatigue. If you are fatigued from training then you stressed the body adequately enough to create the potential for fitness. If the workout did not cause any fatigue at all then it also did not produce the potential for fitness. So, when fatigue is rising you can expect the same thing from fitness.

5. In order to race well one must reduce fatigue. This is what tapering before a big race is all about – reducing fatigue. You don’t want to go into important races tired. There is no benefit from doing that. Racing when tired most assuredly will produce less-than-stellar performances.

6. Reducing fatigue is called “coming into form.” The term “form” came from late-nineteenth-century horse racing. Before placing a bet you would check the form (sheet of paper) provided by the bookie which showed how each horse had been racing recently. When a horse was racing well it was said to be “on form.” Bike racing which started in the late nineteenth century adopted this term early on. In recent years other endurance sports have begun using it.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Planning the Project

There are three general areas of focus on concern in a project that hoover around the areas of (1) Time (2) Quality and (3) Money. The above tool is a so-called MindMap. I'm an amateur as far as this program goes, but I've found this program...even at the most basic level, to be very helpful.

This map addresses the issue of (1) time. Again...the idea here is to make the actual installation process as smooth and as quick as is possible. By focusing on time, one logically will make a good impact on money and quality.