Thursday, February 5, 2009

Planning the Project

There are three general areas of focus on concern in a project that hoover around the areas of (1) Time (2) Quality and (3) Money. The above tool is a so-called MindMap. I'm an amateur as far as this program goes, but I've found this program...even at the most basic level, to be very helpful.

This map addresses the issue of (1) time. Again...the idea here is to make the actual installation process as smooth and as quick as is possible. By focusing on time, one logically will make a good impact on money and quality.

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Michael Deutch said...

Hey Dave! Glad that MindManager is helping out already! Why is it "so-called"? If you've got a better name, email me :) Happy to answer any mapping questions. Btw, with MindManager 8, you can save your maps as interactive PDF's or flash files and post them on blogs to share with others.

Have a great weekend, Michael Deutch