Monday, June 30, 2008

Have you tried No Assital??

No Assital is a great over the counter drug used by construction superintendents across America to ward off the potential impact from ass chewing a super can receive from a project or development manager.

Bob Settle, our very diligent superintendent, swears by the stuff and believes he has needed a ton of it to get thru this project.

I told him I'd share this hint with our readers.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Indoor Air Quality

I was reminded today about how much our industry has changed over the past few years. Why you might ask?

As an example, today I stimulated and participated in a conference with the project’s environmental engineer (Chris Belcher with Pinnacle Environmental) . Now, I’m pretty sure 20 years ago environmental engineers worked in industrial engagements. I’m all but sure the concept of having a team member lead a thoughtful discussion about how to create an appropriate inside air environment would have never been an agenda item.

Today, we talked about dust control, protecting material (like duct work) from being contaminated during construction with dust or (heaven forbid) creating an environment for mold to prosper, relative humidity inside the building during construction and methods to manage, techniques for monitoring the same, how to protect gypsum board from creating a home for mold growth, appropriate carpet adhesives and so forth.

I’m sure we all end up with better buildings and this of course is a good thing. But the development teams of the past are a far cry from what the market wants/needs today.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Will Frischkorn goes to Le' Tour!!

Yesterday, Slipstream Sports ( rather Garmin-Chipotle) announced its Tour de France Team and it includes my friend and former West Virginian Will Frischkorn.

As the press release notes, Will is one of four Americans riding in Le Tour this year. I imagine this is the first West Virginian ever to ride in what is arguably the toughest endurance sporting event in the world.

I know Will reads this BLOG....from all your WV buddies Will....go get em'! What an honor.

Also, here is Will's BLOG. As noted, he'll be writing a daily journal for Velo News.

Also, see my March 22nd post.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Welcome Real Estate Resources

209 will be professionally managed by Real Estate Resources. A property manager manages all (or most) of the financial transactions with the building, manages vendors (janitors, window cleaners, elevator mechanics, HVAC guys, etc), prepares reports for investors, cleans away the snow, manages special events....and the list goes on.

RERI manages a lot of buildings in downtown and it is great to have them on board!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Major 209 Blogger Fan...Kent George

Kent (Kent is the managing member of Robinson & McElwee) and I spent a few tough days last week in Palm Beach attending a practice group meeting with attorneys and clients from around the country. (Alfa International).

This was a bit like drinking from a fire hose.

Most of my business friends would probably die if they heard may say this, but I've been reflecting on class action law suits. You know....there exists the potential that some contribution is being made to society by pursuing the potential wrong doing that has been levied on a group that singularly might not be able to do anything to right the wrong.

Checkout which is the highest rated class action lawsuit according to Levick Strategic Communications. I had the pleasure to hear Richard Levick at the Alfa conference and he was a very strong.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Technical Preservation Service's Website

John Sandor from the Department of the Interior and Chris Knorr from State Preservation office, made an interesting presentation for the AIA chapter on Friday.

Checkout for more information.


Have You Seen the Painted Wall?

So, I arrive at work this morning and this is what the parking lot attendant asked me. Of course, I immediately thought the worst.
No....he went on to sat how great it looks, and I could not agree more.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Great Article in Today's Paper

Link to Daily Mail Article....Bang it Here!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

North Wall

This is the so-called north wall, looking good after the installation of window openings. Painting will start soon.

McCrory's is Dead!!

What is notable about this photo is what it is missing...i.e. the McCrory's sign. I recall having a conversation with local historian Richard Andre about this building's history and he said "please stop letting people refer to this as the McCrory's building!" Richard...the sign is down! I'm doing my part.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Some of my Favorite Gals

OK....this was meant to be a weekend post (recall I can go off topic on weekends), but I didn't get around to it. I looked in the Blogger Handbook and it appears that one can sneak into Mondays with personal stuff "on occasion". So...check out...from the granddaugther Zoe napping, Zoe with wife Laura, and Zoe with niece Michele. Being a grandpa is cool!
This is all from a recent visit to the Cincinnati area where son Josh goes to school (at UC engineering school) and daughter-in-law Judy is an elementary school teacher.