Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Major 209 Blogger Fan...Kent George

Kent (Kent is the managing member of Robinson & McElwee) and I spent a few tough days last week in Palm Beach attending a practice group meeting with attorneys and clients from around the country. (Alfa International).

This was a bit like drinking from a fire hose.

Most of my business friends would probably die if they heard may say this, but I've been reflecting on class action law suits. You know....there exists the potential that some contribution is being made to society by pursuing the potential wrong doing that has been levied on a group that singularly might not be able to do anything to right the wrong.

Checkout which is the highest rated class action lawsuit according to Levick Strategic Communications. I had the pleasure to hear Richard Levick at the Alfa conference and he was a very strong.

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Marc Weintraub said...

Your movement towards the center on the class action suits is the right way to go. How else do thousands of people ripped off by H&R Block for $300 to $500 each get redress for an unfair practice that netted Block tens of millions of dollars.