Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update....Wednesday..April 23

One of the issues with Blogging is the issue with time….time to create/edit/reflect. More of a challenge I suppose when you have a streak that leans towards perfectionism.

So…what’s happening at 209 you ask? Our permanent debt team member was added (BB&T)….we have discovered several sections of floor that need to be replaced and are being replaced….the steel lintels for the north wall are currently being installed…the elevator is about to penetrate the third floor…..the final Bailey and Glasser interior design is about done….pricing for same due for the second or third round soon…..figuring out a marketing and sales strategy for the third floor of this building as well as 227 Capitol (B&G’s current location…arguably the coolest building on Capitol Street), Other then that…got my heels kicked up!

Thanks for reading.

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