Friday, March 28, 2008

New Team Member

Acoustical considerations in most any type of building product deserve some sort of time and attention. I recall being in a physician’s examination room and being able to rather clearly understand what was going on in the adjacent examination room. Not good.

On the last project GBBN and I worked together on, Soaring Eagle Lodge, we engaged the services of Brian Kubicki with Acoustical Design Group. In a hospitality project like Soaring Eagle Lodge, you clearly need appropriate acoustical control between the rooms or downstream issues might emerge for the development team. In an office project, there are clear issues to address and I know Brian will bring a lot to the party. Interestingly, Tony and I were both considering an office to office detail that we had both seen designed in the past and Brian very matter of factly informed us that the referenced detail did not work….Hmmmmm….Glad Brian is on our team.

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