Sunday, March 16, 2008

209 and the WV Supreme Court

The internet is an amazing research tool, yes? In an attempt to learn more about Mr. Geary (the second owner of this building), I searched for Geary and unearthed a case from the West Virginia Supreme Court relative to the transfer of this piece of property in 1917. I’m sure very few readers would be interested to know what I learned about all of this, but the link is included just in case you want to do your own research.

In summary, the case revealed the building was occupied by Colonial Amusement, Diamond Shoe and Garment ( later known as The Diamond Department Store), and Cablish Brothers (Candy Makers). When Geary purchased the property in 1917, he immediately sold 75 feet to Mr. Butts so he could expand the Fleetwood Hotel. Butts and Geary were not sure of the quality of the title and so they basically asked the Supreme Court to affirm the quality of title.

Here’s the link if there are any students/historians out there.

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