Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday's Demoliton Update

So…..demolition is proceeding very nicely. The structural engineer that is employed by GBBN is a local firm (Ham Engineering). Jud Ham and 2 of his engineers walked the building this morning with super Dave Osborne and me. We have one column that needs to be replaced that was not anticipated and a few other areas that need to be reinforced, but all things considered, we are in pretty good shape. We are saving a few bucks as the demoltion is moving faster than anticipated and so some budget has been "created" for this unanticipated work...right Erich??? (Erich is PCC's project manager).

The demolition on the lower level (OK..Some of you call it the basement but from now on it is referred to as the lower level) and floors one and two will be complete by the end of this week, more or less. Ham Engineering will completely review the building in detail next week, literally joist by joist, so we don’t have any structural oversights.

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