Friday, February 22, 2008

No e-mail today...good deal!

So, today I (rather my tech guy Scott) moved my server to a new (read less expensive) location and I had no e-mail. I decided I’d take the day to trade out my files from my last major project (Soaring Eagle Lodge) and make way for convenient reference filing for the 209 project. You might think the above is simply a commercial radiator cover (located in my office)…and it is. Before today, it was the home of all of the Bailey and Glasser files. And now they are all tucked away.

Those of you that have spent any time around me will hear me refer to the “next action”. I have been a student of work flow management as presented by David Allen for about 5 years. Being in the construction/development business, I have always been about Getting Things Done and if you have never checked out this process, I think you might want to give it a shot.

Anyway, here is another photo of my tickler system. To learn more about this handy tool, checkout Getting Things Done.

The Pray Construction crew will have demoltion on floor one and two just about completed by the end of next week and a good bit of the basement as well. They have taken close to 70 tons "stuff" out of the building.

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