Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some Early History

This property was once known as the Shrewsbury Block (that is what the building was called) and was constructed in 1892-93. It was owned by H.D. and Pidgie Q. Shrewsbury. In the above picture (which was taken on March 4, 1949 when Woolworths burned), one can see on frame left the northernmost part of the Shrewsbury Block that was originally the home of C.J. Rudesill & Son, queensware (which I'm guessing is some type of store that sells tableware china) and later housed Woolworths. Next comes the current building (only remaining portion of the Shrewsbury Block) which then house H.H. Kresge (one of two Capitol Street locations) and the remaining portion which was sold to the Butts family. In the early years, this building was occupied by Hanna Grocery; Markell Hardware; Morris Grocery; Howell, Shanklin & Dowman, Plumbing; Davis Grocerie and our building which was home to Diamond Shoes and Garment Company. Right...the first home of the Diamond Department Store. More on all of this in future posts...but if any readers can share any tidbits of history or point me in the direction of photographs, I'd be most appreciative.

Soon we will discuss W.B. Geary, the long time owner of this building and real estate entrepreneur extraordinaire!

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