Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Process verses Content

A real estate development project, at least one that involves a construction project, is marked by two separate but related threads or silos of work that I refer to as process and content. An example I discussed with managers at Pray Construction (when I was still at Pray) was the residential experience of say installing a new door in a house. You…as a friend of the homeowner that just had a new door installed in their house…come in and remark “What a great door!” Your homeowner friend rolls his eyes and accepts the compliment and tries to take you onto another topic. You resist and drill in. "Why are you rolling your eyes?”….and then you listen about how long the installation took, how much is cost, what a mess was made every day…..fill in the blanks…you have heard it. I call this process and for your homeowner friend, it is all but impossible to unlink the process involved with the door installation from the content…what the door looks like and how it works.

Above are two employees of Pray Construction Company…J.C. Starcher and Dave Osborne. Both of these men add a lot of positive “stuff” to the process which is now demolition, referred to in the industry as selective demolition. (They are removing lath and plaster from walls and ceilings, in addition to gypsum board, concrete overlay on some floors, and quite a bit of other, non relevant…from a historical perspective…building products). They are highly productive workers and add a lot to the process. I think Dave Osborne has worked for Pray Construction over 20 years. Dave and I have been involved in a lot of projects over the years and the project is benefiting in a big way from his involvement. J.C. has the type of work ethic that used to be a lot easier to find and now is getting increasingly rare as our kids learn how to make web pages instead of fixing the fence. Anyway, J.C. like David will leave his mark on the process. As far as the content goes, Pray Construction is performing the demolition work on a time and material basis, so the client is about to feel the benefit from their hard work reflected in lower costs I think…all while not hurting anyone.

Good deal.

By the way…J.C. has another career as a model..checkout and see if you can find him.

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