Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Living Room

OK, I offer this disclaimer right from the "get-go"...I am not an architectural photographer. This is another way to say I just don't think these photos do the new room justice. But....so it goes. I love this room.
From a space planning/space design perspective, we eliminated an exterior glass door with sidelights and transom. We did this to eliminate the circulation thru the middle of the room and the need to accommodate the in-swinging door. These three windows are Pella windows with an incredibly clear screen. The previous doors had divided lights that really tended to interfere with the view. So...from a space planning perspective...bingo...mission accomplished. But, as an extra benefit, we actually enjoy more communication visually (and there is tendency to open all three windows at night)...so we are much more in tune with the environment.
The fireplace is an Isokern B-Vent model. The previous room had a free standing wood stove (which has been relocated to the lower level into my in-home office). A free standing stove takes a lot of room...which it did in our living room, plus it involves burning wood. Now, I am an old school wood burner. I like just about everything having to do with the process...but it is dirty and not nearly as simple as a gas fireplace. The Isokern looks all the world like a traditional wood burning fireplace (which it could be) but we just chose to use great gas logs. The mantle is a restored family mantle, so that's neat too.
The room is a woodworker's dream. Ed Weber detailed a super interior that was very expertly crafted by all involved. The casework was fabricated by a friend of mine from North Carolina and their work is super, the local wood was run by a shop by the name of Three Trees and they too did a very nice job and this was expertly installed by Cliff from RC Construction. I had a major hand in "coaching" everyone through the layout. This could have been very easy to screw up and it was perfect. All work was brush painted. Of course...our resident colorist...Laura...knocked the ball out of the park.
Sonos and Bowers & Wilken's speakers add the entertainment. The room was originally designed with a pop up TV. When I figured out how much the total installed price for this (w/o TV) was going to be....say $10,000....I decided this room would be much better off if we took a more "civilised" (the s is intentional thank you very much). Sonos systems are just so cool. This eliminates the entire need to manage the disks or data and other sources like radio and podcasts are readily available...and throw that all through a couple B&W CM-1's and man....we are jambing.
Stay tuned for the next post and we'll tour the man cave!

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