Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Status Report...Renovation Substantially Complete

I've run into about three friends over the past few days and all are anxious for an update on the house here we go.

The project finished as planned on June 5.....and this was a plan that was put in place about three months ago. The day was relevant as I had rented a house at Pawleys Island SC and the rental began on June 6. By design everything about the project would be complete except for the refinishing of the wood floors and painting. This was the exact position the project was in at the end of the day...Friday...June 5.

While we were at Pawleys, RC finished the floors and painting. They perform this work with their own forces which gives them a different and improved level of control than one has with a subcontractor. This level of control is really important in residential remodeling.

We came home on June 20 and the project was complete short of a small punchlist. We are now enjoying the fruit of every one's labor.

Picture to follow of the product, but I did manage to capture the RC team as it was on June 5. Good job squad!

And Ed....your design is awesome.....and Laura.....interiors are doubly awesome.

Thanks all.....

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