Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Knife to a Gun Fight

I offer a service known as owner's representation. A friend/professional acquaintance of mine also offers this service albeit in another marketplace. He recently published a post that described this service in his newsletter and the title of the post was "Don't Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight". The implication to me is...of are about to go into construction...huh? Well get ready for a battle.
Honestly, that has not been my experience. I'm not sure how many projects I've been somehow involved in...let's say 500.....or that value...easily $500,000,000 and sure...I've been in a few disputes.....but really an amazingly few.
As a contractor...I was always reasonably careful about who I worked for. Now....we can all make mistakes and I certainly made a few....can you spell APCO...but besides a few notables, Pray Construction had a great lineup of clients. PrayWorks too has a had a great list of people we have worked for...thanks to you!
If an offering seems to good to be true...well it probably is. One means of travel in this industry is basically to beat a project around until you get the price you are looking for and THEN GET THE CONTRACT SIGNED. you really need a gun slinger.
Assume the project is over once the contract is signed....WRONG...Really, the fun is just beginning...and it can and should be an owner...if you simply rely on your own forces or your architect...well get ready.
Understand the contract...or better...get someone around you (i.e. like me) that will understand the contract and its attachments (read plans and specs) attention along the knowledgeable....expect great work and fair treatment...and you'd be surprised. is good to be prepared...and if your are conflict averse (BTW...conflict has a bad name...good things can and do come from conflict) sure to get someone that is not.
The whole process can and should be fun.....Use that paradigm
but put a good plan B in place! How's that for wordsmithing?

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