Thursday, May 8, 2008

Scrap Metal and More

This project has had a dominant storyline I’d call demolition. There has been a lot of it! Likely, people outside the industry don’t think much about this topic, but here are a few points of interest.

Above is a pile of metal lath salvaged from the building. Metal lath is for the most part an antiquated building material. Plaster and Concrete were often adhered to their respective substrate (say floor joists or wall studs) by the use of lath, which was attached to the substrate and then the liquid material (plaster/concrete) was placed in a plastic form around the lath and then it hardened and was effectively adhered to the substrate.

Throw all that out at your next cocktail party.

Anyway….the point is that scrap metal is bringing such a large price (thanks China), we have taken the extra time to salvage it and so we are going green (recycling)…but more significantly we have received checks totaling about $7,000. Green is good….gold is better!

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