Thursday, May 8, 2008

Clean Debris

So…while we are talking about demolition…(read the next post)….here’s another green concept for you. The above pile of material is referred to as clean fill. That means it can go somewhere that is need of a change in horizontal elevation (i.e. as in filling up a piece of real estate to the desired level). This fill is clean (it includes no wood as an example or rubbish) and it would be receptive to being compacted and staying compacted or consolidated.

Why is this green you might ask? Well, alternatively this material would go to a solid waste fill and take up space for more appropriate trash and….by the way (see green verses gold dialogue in other post), a clean fill site does not cost money…a permitted landfill charges a per ton fee.

Now you know more about clean fill then just about all your friends…..

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