Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tools of the Trade

So.....a whole lot of "what I do" revolves around numbers...the projection of....say as in a statement of prospective cash flows....and then the management of.....as in the crafting and administration of an agreement (i.e. contract)...and then the reporting of results. Many times the scenarios are modestly complex and the interaction of the various "cells" not apparent. Because I'm involved in development projects from the ground up, I tend to learn the interaction of all of the cells early and then the challenge is to get the owners or investors to "get it"....i.e. understand the risk, the rewards, and the progress.

So, my subcontractors...which used to be plumbers and electricians...are now lawyers and accountants....so clearly my quality of life has degraded!

Right now, I'm working with Gibbons and Kawash (209's accounting firm) on a report to the investors on this project and there has been a lot of number chasing going on. I enjoy this aspect and enjoy making the projections come to life.

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