Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Pains of Moving In...the next phase

Ben Bailey's Office (Before)

I had a good visit today with Mark Grigsby, the president of Pray Construction Co. As we bring this project to conclusion and wrap up a few details, I asked a probing question....what are your desired outcomes from this project? He had several good thoughts and then mentioned...he hoped the lawyers (of B&G) would realize (and appreciate) how much better their personal and professional life was due to the involvement of PrayWorks, Pray Construction, and GBBN. I personally think mission accomplished.

And so...what the hell does the above picture have to do with any of this? Thanks for asking. Recently GBBN/PrayWorks was hired to provide the last finishing touches on this project and we are dealing with artwork, accessories, minor architectural changes (yes Brian...in the fitness room), and operational issues with how the building is used. This is a piece frequently omitted and so the intent of the design (and construct) team is never fully realized.

This is a small piece of work...but very exciting to be moving forward. I'm not sure if I have shared this, but I have moved into 209, so this is a very intimate look into how the facility actually fulfills the design intent.

Hope I don't get kicked out!

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