Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Acoustic Control

Ever been to a physician's office and clearly heard the conversation taking place in the exam room next door? too. Great opportunities for litigators.
Anyway...the attorney to attorney office acoustic control is really not analogous to the adjacent patient room example. Virtually all clients are seen in conference rooms. However...if one lawyer is by nature loud...well this is just a distraction that the lawyer next door to that loud attorney will grow to potentially resent over the years.
The photos above illustrate the detail at the floor. Because of the DuraCap, the gypsum on the walls needed to be separated from the liquid DuraCap. If the gypsum was allowed to come into contract with the liquid DuraCap, then moisture would likely be absorbed into the the gypsum and then our friend "mold and mildew" might be welcomed into the firm.
So.....this leaves us with a gap between the DuraCap and the gypsum. The floor was tested yesterday by a testing agency and we are ready for floor finishes. So, recently, acoustic caulk is introduced in the gap between the DuraCap and the gypsum. This plugs up a short circuit in the wall and will help maintain good acoustic control office to office.

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