Tuesday, April 27, 2010

iPhone tech tips

I'm playing a role in the new Basketball Center at WVU which involves me driving back and forth to Morgantown from time to time. I like to have a good handful of podcasts available for these drives and/or a book from audible.com. I drove up yesterday and everything was coming out high pitched and fast....so I texted a friend of mine who manages my tech things and he came up with the fix...thought I'd share.

So...launch your iPod and look at the bar that indicates where your are on your podcast...look all the way to the right and you will see "1X" if normal....."2X" if double time "1/2X" if have speed. Touch it and you can scroll thru these settings. (I was on 2X and wanted 1X).

Viola....and...I just learned this...if you want to take a picture of your iPhone screen...hit the home and on/off button at the same time and you will take a photo of your screen.

That was worth the read...huh?

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Anna and Peyton said...

Dear David.
Peyton and I enjoyed your cute IPod post. We were especially charmed by your string section influenced, French flourish :) --A & P

P.S. Hello to Laura.