Friday, February 19, 2010

Don’t Let the Door Hit you in the Ass on Your Way Out

A good lifelong friend of mine recently sent me a link to the attached NYT article. When he sent it to me I did not read it but felt I would be inspired to write a retort referencing my recent work with the Adize’s Methodology. And I could perhaps do that…..but after reading the article, I actually would have to say right on!

I’ve been around small and mid sized businesses for the better part of 40 years and…as a group…we….businessmen…just put up with too much crap. I’m serious. It’s tough stuff running a business…..right…fun…exciting…rewarding….and I do not think the exclusive focus should be earnings (earnings is a natural outcome of a job well done…maybe), but there is a bit too much bitching going around most shops.

So….got a problem…fine….do me a favor and go find another job. I’m serious…quit. Go share your good attitude and work ethic with one of my competitors.


Cam said...

It is is easy to evaluate all business activities on the basis of maximizing profitability. What's hard is making the decisions necessary to back up these evaluations. For some of us the emotional aspects of this become difficult......maybe not for a hardass like you

Dave Pray said...

Just trying to build the personal brand! Thansk for the help Cam!

Anonymous said...

I understand the "no whining" and as a business owner have always thought it comes witht he territory to some degree. After reading the NYT's article, while Cloutier's philosophy may work for his bottom line & P&L statements, look what it does for him personally, 3 marriages, no kids. He can have his philosophy, I will go home and hug my family and tell them they will always come first. My improved bottom line can't buy me that. Michael Corlis