Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tougher Than it Seems

A brief I think you get the general way I mean to deal the cards...i.e. with the deck stacked so to speak. And, the way you do that is to plan, plan, plan and what that looks like is a ton of material handy...ready for installation.

So......over the past month we have sorted through the many choices involved with the three (!) windows and one sliding door we had to order. Guessing...this took 5-7 hours of my time. Finally....we got what we wanted for the best price I could haggle.

Next....architectural woodwork....OK...say another 10 hours of bidding and then sorting thru 4 versions of shop drawings. Cabinets are being built now.

We bought some of the flooring on sale and it is now...thankfuly...sitting in a warehouse.

The design anticipates some audio visual bookcase speakers were selected and ordered.

Now onto light fixtures....done...say 10 hours later.

Anyway.....I'm guessing we will actually start on April 20. wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be...The Blog post that is.


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Hornor said...

Well - do we get perverse pleasure in what we are not going through. My wife loves all this stuff/work you document that she hopes will keep me from wanting to pursue "my" addition. (No fear, the market has made sure of that.)

What does it say about my life (and avoidance of work...) that I am reading about the Pray's planning and moving stuff. House envy? or Spouse envy? Hmm...

Thank goodness you are back online. When do we get video?

We want Laura (no offense Dave) in her bathing suit moving the pool equipment. Hornor