Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What the hell has happened with Pray’s BLOG?

Fundamentally, the renovation of 209 Capitol is complete. There are still a few issues going on…..the art work piece is still in design….we are about to aggressively begin leasing the third floor…the part 3 submission to the Department of Interior needs to be submitted…there’s probably a few more reflections I can dig around for….but the bottom line is the topic of this BLOG is winding down.

So….I’m all over starting the new one and would be interested if there is any energy around the following topics that have been rolling around……

1) I am preparing to execute a significant renovation at my house. I get tons of questions every year from folks anticipating or in the middle of (or maybe involved in a law suit over)residential work…..so I thought I’d tell it all in a BLOG about my residential renovation project? Daily or multiple daily entries.

2) Mid Life Transition. This is a little different concept. 10 years ago I began on a life adventure….a real shaking up the deck if you will….and decided to sell my company. There’s a lot going on with that topic in my life particularly as I begin to explore other uses for my time beyond the traditional type time applications of what constructive development psychologists would call “meaning making systems”. Change Baby! BLOG it???

3) Getting Super Fit. A few years ago, I won the 50 and over State Road Race Championship….several years and several accidents later, I’m 10 pounds heavier and in way worse shape. This is a way too self centered BLOG (but aren’t they all), but I thought I’d throw that out there.

I’m leaning towards # 1 but thinking # 2 would be more of an adventure.

Let me know......

Happy New Year!



Anonymous said...

I think #1 makes the most sense transitioning from 209 Capitol, roll it over to Route 2...you know!?
And then from there, #2 will occur. xoxo Mich

Anonymous said...


I agree with Michele

xo Sherry

gratefuled said...

I probably need to recuse myself for obvious reasons to Dave, but having inside information on the program of the renovation, I don't see how you can compartmentalize the three topics. They are intrinsically woven together- are they not? Telling only one story ultimately deprives us of the whole story; how one's journey forces/allows us to adapt, adjust and acclimatize to the unfoldment of our lives (i.e.karma). I'm sure what ever tale you tell, I mean blog, will be inspiring. EW
PS- Enjoyed seeing 209 come together

Anonymous said...

#1 - I have a while before I need to worry about mid-life stuff.