Friday, July 11, 2008

iPhone arrives...camping out....other stuff

So, this week, in addition to my normal duties on 209 (getting furniture moving, negotiating details of various change orders, dealing with issues involved with this week's downpour), I have been swamped with Soaring Eagle Lodge.
So...I get to drive back and forth to Snowshoe on Tuesday and, as I'm carting all my stuff into my home around midnight, I inadvertently leave my cell phone on the roof of my car. Well, it pours all night and Razrs don't do well in water. Alright...fine. I've been eyeing the new iPhone anyway. So, I go to AT&T and visit with a sales rep. She brings up my record and tells me I can come up Friday and get a new one.
So, I'm up at Southridge at 6:30 am camping out! Clearly the oldest guy on line. Around 8:15 I make it in...pickout my accessories...but're a CORPORATE CLIENT.....we can't do this for you.
Hmmmm...thought this new phone was aimed at the business market.
But I was cool and I choose not to come back and open fire. Instead, my dear wife Laura spent 2.5 hours and got the deal done.
So....the photos are a shot at the line and the man is the fellow that showed up at 4:00 am.
Thought my readers would like to see him.


Jason Means said...

Wow, you and Laura have got way more patience than I've got. I would've been looking for a clock tower and my favorite shade of red lipstick. I hope the new gadget is worth the hype. One of these days, I guess I'm going to have to stand in line somewhere and trade in my eight-track technology level cell phone and get something uber cool.

Steve Payne said...

I know the phone on the roof was anything but an accident. And, the high of camping out to try and get on the tv news...a good marketing ploy. I also know that there's a perfect GTD app available for it now. So, I think once you get used to her MO, you'll be lost in a bliss that just keeps on giving.

Dave Pray said...

Steve/Jason Thanks for your views. My phone will be here in a few days. I'm ready. Steve...come give me some lessons and e-mail me about the GTD stuff.